High-Quality, Heavy-Duty Thermoformed Products

For decades, LINDAR has been an industry leader in the design, development, manufacturing, and assembly of thermoformed plastic products. From custom OEM parts to tooling and prototyping to our own proprietary line of consumer products, the LINDAR name is associated with high-quality customer service, processes, materials and products.

LINDAR uses both in-line and cut sheet thermoforming processes to efficiently manufacture even the most complex products and plastic components to exact design specifications and industry standards. 

Our cutting-edge equipment and technology allow us to offer our clients a variety of capabilities, including but not limited to:






CNC Robotic Trim Cell



Outstanding Offerings From Start to Finish

LINDAR is committed to outstanding quality in all we do, and that includes our customer service throughout our custom thermoforming process. Our in-house design engineering team will walk you through all the available options and determine the most effective and efficient equipment and materials for your project’s needs. Our rigorous quality control measures ensure that no matter the complexity of your design or the conditions it must withstand, your final product will meet all the necessary standards and exceed expectations.