Our Process

Think. Create. Advance.

At Avantech, our Think. Create. Advance. process generates our diverse CNC machining manufacturing solutions and drives the delivery of superior tools and products to the global plastics market. Developed and proven over three decades, our process helps our team build a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ needs and facilitates seamless, accurate, and efficient execution. With a focus on client-centered solutions and continuous improvement, our value-add Think. Create. Advance. approach sets Avantech apart from other CNC tooling providers.

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During the Think phase, our team of experts will meet with you to understand your unique needs, aesthetic and functional requirements, and other specifications. We’ll walk you through your options and make our recommendations on the best equipment, processes, design features, materials, and services for your project. Together, we’ll collaborate to develop a successful manufacturing strategy.

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The Create phase encompasses much more than just the design, machining, and shipping of your tool. During this phase, we’ll communicate clearly and consistently about next steps and routinely monitor your project for quality and performance to ensure we deliver on our project plan. We’ll verify that both your specifications and our rigorous standards of quality have been met before shipping and delivering your finished product.
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After delivery of your project, our team will take a step back to analyze the process from beginning to end. By making note of challenges overcome, successes achieved and lessons learned, we reaffirm our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, resulting in better service for our clients.

We take great care to continue our client relationships well beyond project delivery, following up with you to ensure your ongoing satisfaction and offering solutions to any needs you may have in the future. We know our success is predicated on strong, positive client relationships, and would be honored to be your trusted tool manufacturing partner for years to come!

Better Tools Start With Better Communication

The Avantech proven process ensures transparency and accountability throughout every stage of your project. By fully understanding our clients’ needs, using our expertise to select the best materials and technologies for their projects, and empowering our clients with knowledge, Avantech consistently delivers superior finished products.

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