A Cultural Approach to Employee Retention

One of the most intense challenges facing the rotational molding industry is attracting and keeping the employee base necessary to manufacture product and service customers. Currently, our industry is faced with a dichotomy: off-the-charts demand for rotomolded products, yet a shortage of labor and poor employee retention threaten to hinder industry growth and expansion.

At Avantech, however, we’re fortunate to have employees who commit to the cause for the long run: our average employee tenure of 11.4 years is almost three times the manufacturing industry average, in spite of the heavy manufacturing that characterizes our tool-building business. Because we buck the trend in this regard, I’ll have the privilege of sharing thoughts via a presentation titled “Employee retention and competitive advantage” at the upcoming Association of Rotational Molders Spring Executive Forum in Orlando on March 25 – 27.

In many ways, we’re fortunate to be located in a desirable area – a place people WANT to be – and have access to principled, hard-working, conscientious people. As such, there are intrinsic explanations for our extremely long employee tenure. At the same time, we work diligently to establish a corporate culture that engages employees and nurtures their development, also contributing positively to our exceptional employee retention.

If you’re planning to attend the ARM Spring Executive Forum, I hope you’ll be on-hand for my presentation. I’ll also plan to share specifics of my presentation and how we, at Avantech, leverage our unique culture to drive the THINK, CREATE, ADVANCE mindset on this Tech Talk blog following the Orlando event.


Tom Innis is the President of Avantech and has been involved in the rotational molding industry for the better part of the past two decades. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and La Universidad Ibero-Americana in Mexico City, Tom leverages his knowledge of international business, multi-lingual skills, and sales and marketing experience to help drive Avantech and the global rotomolding industry forward.


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