Taking the show on the road


In our ongoing quest to better understand market needs and position Avantech to serve a global audience, we’ll be participating in several upcoming industry events, including the SPE Rotational Molding Division TopCon 2016, to be held in Cleveland June 5-8, and the ARMO Rotomould Conference in the Gold Coast, Australia, June 19-21.

Both events provide excellent venues for interaction with industry leaders, interchange of ideas and information, and the opportunity to build positive collective “roto-mojo” in promoting the industry on a global scale.

In addition to attendance and exhibition at these events, Avantech is fortunate to be included in the speakers program at both conferences. Tom Innis will share his perspective on tooling innovation at SPE TopCon, and product design and development at the ARMO conference. Later this year, Avantech will also participate in the 40th anniversary conference of the Association of Rotational Molders in New Orleans.

Participation at these events is an investment that invariably produces positive returns in identifying new market opportunities, understanding industry trends, and better positioning Avantech to deliver value to our customers. Put another way, it helps us think, create, and advance the success of the rotomolding industry.


Tom_Innis_HeadshotTom Innis is the President of Avantech and has been involved in the rotational molding industry for the better part of the past two decades. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and La Universidad Ibero-Americana in Mexico City, Tom leverages his knowledge of international business, multi-lingual skills, and sales and marketing experience to help drive Avantech and the global rotomolding industry forward.



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