We’re on a mission

After 26 years as Lakeland Mold Company last year we changed our name to Avantech to better reflect our growing line of services and vision as an innovative solutions provider for the rotomolding industry.

We revamped our website to showcase our new identity, and now we updated our Mission, Vision, and Value statements, with the objective of aligning our collective mindset toward realizing long-term goals.

After a collaborative development process, our Mission Statement was recently launched:
“Thinking people. Creating solutions. Advancing success.”

We believe this mission truly reflects who we are as a company — a worldwide leading manufacturer of tools for the rotomolding industry. Here’s how:

Thinking people. Our people are our most important asset, and the primary driver of our competitive advantage. By engaging their hands, hearts, and heads, we tap into our employees’ collective creative energy, fueling ideas, collaboration, and the generation of value-driven solutions.

Creating solutions. Creativity is abundant throughout our organization, and we challenge all employees to contribute their ideas and energy to move our business forward. When we combine our collective creativity with our passion for problem solving, we can help customers solve even the most intense challenges.

Advancing success. We need to move forward, proactively generating solutions to keep ahead of the pace of change. When we fully engage our people in the creation of ideas, and when we convert these ideas into unique solutions, we facilitate success for our company, our customers, and our communities.

While developing these statements was a challenge, the real work of converting these words into actions begins. It’s easy to hang up a poster, print a t-shirt, and check this off the to-do list; the real magic occurs when we move from articulation to implementation. Based on initial reaction from our team, we believe we’re advancing in the right direction.


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