Why we’re exhibiting at Rotoplas

By Tom Innis
VP Sales and Marketing

In advance of the Rotoplas expo and Fall ARM Conference in Rosemont, IL in early-October, the next several weeks will be a flurry of activity as we design our booth layout, create support materials, determine our event attendance plan and finalize travel schedules. With a sizable contingent at the event, we’ll also need to have enough coverage “back home” to respond to customer inquiries and keep the wheels of business turning while we’re at Rotoplas.

Stated simply, preparing for the Rotoplas event is a lot of work. It’s also high on our mission-critical to-do list, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

In no particular order, the following are our top 11 reasons for exhibiting at Rotoplas and attending the Fall ARM Conference:

1.)   Quality time with customers and industry contacts. The conference and Rotoplas expo provide an opportunity for interaction with customers and contacts away from ringing phones, scads of email messages, and in-office distractions of day-to-day business.

2.)   A cost-effective means of new customer development. Yes, there is cost associated with exhibition at Rotoplas; however, the comparative cost and time investment of traveling to meet individually with new prospects is much higher.

3.)   “Shooting fish in a barrel.” We’ve all heard this phrase; from an industry supplier’s perspective, this is a perfect way to describe the Rotoplas event. There is simply no better venue than Rotoplas to catch virtually the entire industry under one roof.

4.)   “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” Borrowing from “The Godfather,” Rotoplas allows us to keep abreast of technology advancements, innovation, and strategy of customers and competitors alike. (Certainly, our competitors are not our enemies, and have our utmost respect.)

5.)   Communicating “what’s new” to the industry. From our perspective at Avantech, we have a new name, brand identity, website, etc., and Rotoplas provides a terrific platform to communicate these developments. Similarly, industry suppliers utilize Rotoplas as a springboard to announce new technology and product launches to the global industry.

6.)   Enhanced understanding of global trends, challenges and growth patterns. Interaction with customers, other suppliers and thought leaders at Rotoplas provides an excellent venue for understanding what’s happening throughout the worldwide rotomolding industry.

7.)   Interaction with industrial designers, students, and engineers. Rotoplas attracts the interest of the next generation of potential drivers of the rotational molding industry; the event provides a venue to effectively position roto as a viable design and manufacturing medium through which new products can be marketed.

8.)   Participation in ARM committees. Relative to participation in ARM committees, the old phrase “you get out of it what you put into it” certainly applies. In addition to having input in the direction of ARM, committee involvement is a great venue for networking, relationship-building, and developing a greater understanding of the industry.

9.)   Technical and market-based presentations. A number of the presentations slated for this year’s event have direct, strategic relevance to our business. Perspective from industry thought leaders is invaluable in helping us make sound decisions and stay on the right strategic course.

10.) Recognizing the industry’s finest. This year’s Hall of Fame inductions will once again recognize those who have contributed significantly to the growth and success of the rotomolding industry. We have much to thank them for, and we’ll be on-hand to personally extend our respect and gratitude.

11.) The ARM Band (Yes, this list goes to 11). By popular demand (and questionable judgment?), the ARM Band is back this year, in a performance that is sure to amaze and entertain. Join us on-stage to sing a song, shred on a guitar, or shake a tambourine. All are welcome!

Looking forward to seeing everyone in “Sweet Home Chicago” for this year’s Fall ARM Conference and Rotoplas event.

Innis_profile_BWTom Innis is VP Sales and Marketing with Avantech and has been involved in the rotational molding industry for the better part of the past two decades. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and La Universidad Ibero-Americana in Mexico City, Tom leverages his knowledge of international business, multi-lingual skills, and sales and marketing experience to help drive Avantech and the global rotomolding industry forward.


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